Monday, September 19, 2016

Paora Winitana School Visit News Report

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IMG_2357.JPGAt the beginning of Term 3, we got to see Paora Winitana come into school and talk to us about the Olympic Values, his goals and his career as a basketball player in general.

But what goes on behind the scenes of Paora Winitana and his life? We all know what he does - he's a professional basketball player but what does he do? He did explain it to us when we were listening to him. Here is the real story.

During his life, Paora has set goals, and with these goals, he has become a better player. He talked about it lots during his visit and he even got some students and some teachers to come up and reenact the his entire career as a basketball player and the challenges he has gone through.

The entire school loved his visit to school and we hope to see more from the man of action sometime this year.


What was something you found tricky and why did you find it tricky?

When I had to restart. I had to revise my plan and rewrite the day.

What are you most proud of?

The progress I got up to. I had a paper copy which I was going to write it on, but I also had a draft on my laptop (which I wrote all the work on).

What is 1 thing you need to improve upon?

Putting in less detail into my paragraphs.

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  1. Wow that is a really good report adam. You captured the true meaning of a news report and most of all, Good Effort